Choosing an enCore Dental Night Guard

Choosing an enCore Dental Night Guard

Over-the-counter stock night guards can easily be purchased from a local pharmacy/drug store at a lower price than a custom night guard. Most who opt for this solution are left with a less-than-ideal fit.

A professionally-made custom night guard can ensure a concise fit for years with proper care.

With enCore’s selection of custom night guards, you have three options to consider:

    • Upper or Lower Arch
      • Most prefer an upper guard as they tend to be less obtrusive
      • If you're wearing a retainer, opt for a guard on the opposite side
    • Soft or Hard
      • A soft guard is more comfortable while the hard guard is more durable
      • More severe grinders should opt for a hard guard or dual layer (see below)
    • Guard Thickness
      • A dual/hybrid guard provides more comfort than a hard guard and more durability than a soft guard
      • Hard and soft guards are available in 2mm and 3mm size
      • Some may find the thickness of a dual layer or 3mm to be a bit uncomfortable

    Here’s a more detailed rundown of our guards:

    • Soft: a more flexible and comfortable guard that light grinders can wear during the day. Slim profile and clear material allow for discreet and effective protection against damage caused by grinding. Due to its soft material, these night guards generally exhibit wear and tear more quickly.
      • The most comfortable of your options
      • Not the most durable - aggressive grinders usually wear through a soft guard within a year
      • Not for serious grinders - recent studies have shown that soft night guards can encourage more aggressive teeth grinding
      • Available in 2mm and 3mm thickness sizes
      • Laminate material
    • Hard: for more severe grinders who prioritize protection of their occlusal table. A rigid single layer provides reliable and durable protection through the night.
      • The most durable of your options - average life span is 1-2 years
      • More firm and more rigid compared to single layer soft
      • Usually prescribed to serious grinders
      • Available in 2mm and 3mm thickness sizes
      • Laminate material
    • Hybrid: for moderate grinders, the 3mm hybrid dual layer night guard is the most popular guard as it combines the protection of a hard outer layer with the comfort of the soft inner layer
      • Made up of a durable hard exterior layer and soft interior layer
      • 3mm in thickness
      • Laminate material

    If you can’t decide which one is for you, consult your dentist or contact us at enCore Lab - our friendly team is here to help guide you.

    Explore our guards and package pricing here.