enCore Custom Night Guards FAQ

An Introduction to Our Guards

What is the difference between a custom guard and one I get at the drug store/pharmacy?

What is the difference between an enCore guard and one that I get at the dentist?

What is an enCore night guard made of?

Choosing a Guard

Should I get an upper or lower guard?

Which night guard should I get?

How it Works

Where can I order an enCore Guard?

What will I receive when I place an order?

How do I pick the right size impression tray for myself?

Can I use an older impression that I have?

I really like my current or older guard. Can I send you that for you to copy instead of taking an impression?

When will I get my guard?

What's enCore's shipping policy?

Does enCore Guards save my impression for future orders?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What if my night guard doesn't fit correctly?

Is there a warranty?

What if I lose or damage my guard?

I've emailed enCore support but have not heard back? How can I reach enCore?

Taking Care of Your Guard

How do I care for and clean my guard?

Do I need to clean my case as well?

What shouldn't I do when cleaning my guard?

Restrictions and Warnings

Restrictions and Warnings