Protect Your Teeth to Fight Signs of Aging

Protect Your Teeth to Fight Signs of Aging

Anti-aging is a $50 billion industry. People around the globe are looking for ways to preserve or turn back the clock on their appearance. There are expensive creams, supplements, services, procedures, and injections to try.

There is one easy, less expensive way to fight aging that isn't widely known - caring for your teeth. If you suffer from bruxism and have noticed signs of aging, there may be a connection!

In an article from The New York Times, journalist Crystal Martin details how the state of our teeth can keep our appearance youthful or how it can make us appear older: “As we age, our faces lose volume in both the soft tissue (fat and skin) and bone — our eye sockets get larger, the bones of our forehead and jaw recede. Our teeth lose volume, too."

And, as Joseph T. Hung, a dentist with RockCenter Orthodontics in Manhattan, explained in the article, the cheeks and lips are supported by the teeth and jaw, so their size and shape have an impact on the overall shape of the face.

So why should grinders take notice? Grinding affects all of these key components of our look. Grinding causes you to put a strain on the muscles of your cheeks, lips, and jaw. Dr. Hung also shares, “Teeth, especially those in the back, get flatter and shorter because of the regular wear of chewing, which is accelerated by grinding and clenching.” As a result, bruxism sufferers could be seeing signs of aging.

Martina and Dr. Hung detail some compelling ways to combat these negative effects, but many are extreme and expensive: botox, orthodonture, implants, restoration, etc.

Luckily, we know of an effective and affordable way to protect your teeth, and your youthful appearance. Custom, high quality night guards will protect your teeth from the wear and tear of grinding/clenching.

So, after your nightly skin care routine, pop in your enCore night guard, too. This investment in your dental health is an easy addition to your evening routine and the benefits stretch far beyond your beautiful face.

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