enCore Guard Thickness & Wisdom Teeth Guide

enCore Guard Thickness & Wisdom Teeth Guide
What To Expect: A Completely Customized Experience


enCore is dedicated to creating a product that is truly tailored to you. This dedication to customization means each and every guard is different. Here’s what to expect when you receive your guard.

The thickness will vary depending on the unique shape and size of your teeth.

When you purchased your enCore guard, you may have noticed that it was described as having a certain thickness: 1mm, 2mm, or 3mm. This notes the original thickness of the materials we use to form your guard.

We utilize the impression you made in order to manufacture your guard. And since your teeth are as unique as you are, thickness may vary throughout the guard. Areas around sharp or rounded cusps will be thinner. As the material is forming around these anatomical features, the material may be stretched. There is also small change in thickness during thermoforming – just about 0.25mm.

Your guard will not cover your wisdom teeth.

There are two reasons that our guards will not extend out to your wisdom teeth. The first is that a wisdom tooth rarely rubs against or meets an opposite tooth. Second, guards that include length for these teeth can be uncomfortable and can often trigger a gag reflex. With your experience in mind, we choose not to have our guards extend to cover them.

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